I’m so sorry for not posting much lately but school is killing me [*] although I’m gonna make a lot of gifs this weekend, embrace yourself!

no you don’t understand the question in Game of Thrones isn’t who dies but when they die


It’s called circumstantial homosexuality.

guys can someone please tell me how many hours til the next Hannibal episode and where can I watch it?

Anonymous asked:

Did you watch Fargo? What did you think about it?

Yes, I did!

Martin and the plot like seriously, watch it if you haven’t already!

his face on fifth gif I can’t even

Fargo 1x01

Lester Nygaard in “Fargo” 1x01

that moment when your mom comes into your room and you’re watching a completely normal tv show but in this exact moment there’s a scene when they’re gonna have sex and you’re like “omg she’s gonna think I’m watching porn”